Alia Bhatt’s Dad Comments On Heroines and Pratyusha Banerjee’s Death

The recent death news of Pratyusha Banerjee has been moving so many individuals that everyone is coming out and letting out their condolences to the deceased actress. Now the time is for the Veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt who opened up on the entertainment industry and also the TV actors. Mahesh Bhatt believes that for the TV actors, especially for the female actors, the professional success cannot be an equivalent of emotional freedom in the world of showbiz. He made a sensational statement that the women suffer abuse more than the domestic help.

Mahesh Bhatt on Heroines and Pratyusha Death
Mahesh Bhatt on Heroines and Pratyusha Death

Elaborating more about his views, he called the death of Pratyusha Banarjee as a tragedy. He adds, “I used to think economical emancipation would liberate women from the abuse of their intolerant spouse. But this is not the case in entertainment industry where I have seen innumerable actresses who have unimaginable wealth at their disposal. He revealed that the economically very weak women refuse to put up with their bullying husbands but calmly walks out the relationship.”

Mahesh Bhatt also revealed so many facts about the entertainment industry adding, “The women especially won’t complain about their doomed relationships but chose to continue them suffering. They suffer abuse more than the domestic help, and the reason behind it is the fear of loneliness.” He wondered how these women get emotionally manipulated by the men.

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