Alia Bhatt sweating it out for the Kisses

With 2 States having literally set the box office in fire, Alia Bhatt simplly cannt stop smiling. The bubbly actress whose last outing at the box office,’Highway’, brought her a lot of critical acclaim,now seems to be raking in the moolah at the box office.


2 States 1st Weekend Collections were about 38.06 Crore,making it the third best weekend opening in 2014!

When asked about her take on such humongous success,she does what she does best..’SMILE’!


“Yes. It’s a great feeling. When you put in so much of hard work,this is definitely what you expect. I wish everyone who watches the film,comes out happy!”,says Alia.

“My mother has made the biggest contribution to my career. She makes sure I eat healthy, control my diet and everything. She is the captain of my ship,” said Alia when asked about her source of inspiration.

Media couldn’t help asking her take on on-screen kissing,to which she replied,”Town and Alia is happy for this success at beginning of her career. Speaking about her role in the film she said that Kissing and romantic scenes are best part of the movie and we worked hard to bring that best from both of us. Moreover,my parents are happy to see the way Arjun and I pulled off the kiss onscreen. It’s no big deal,actually!”

Well, we are sure its not just the kiss but a lot more that has been pulling the audiences to the theatres.

More power to the girl. All hail, Girl Power!

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