Akshay’s proud moment!

Even as Akshay Kumar struggles to get land allotted for a martial arts school in Mumbai, the participants of last year’s Akshay Kumar Karate Tournament have just returned from an international karate championship with gold and bronze medals. And Akshay, the sporty star, can’t stop grinning about his students’ triumph.

"What an absolute pleasure and honour it is. Not only have the winners of my annual Karate Tournament participated in the 12th Milo Malaysian World Championship, they have come home to India bravely carrying two gold medals and three bronze… Incredible achievement! This is what this is all about. Giving children and adults the opportunity to represent their sport and their country," he said.

In all, 23 karate students, aged 3-38 years, participated in the championship in Malaysia. Said Akshay, "I am very proud of all the Indian contestants. They’ve made their coaches, families, country and me very proud. And they’ve brought hope and inspiration to many karate lovers across India. See you at my next tournament."

Akshay now plans to carry his passion for martial arts to the next level by opening martial arts schools across the country.(IANS)

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