Akshay rescues child!

‘Fan’demonium at a Bollywood event in London turned superstar actor Akshay Kumar into a hero.

Akshay was in London with Katrina Kaif and director Farah Khan to meet their fans in London.

The Bollywood stars attended the event to launch advance ticket sales for their latest film Tees Maar Khan, selling the first 20 tickets themselves.

As Akshay greeted fans he noticed a baby crying amongst a crowd of people. He briefly picked up the baby but quickly returned her to the mother. A few seconds later he noticed another young girl, also upset and seemingly trapped in the crowd.

Akshay reached into the crowd, picked up the girl saying, ‘I’ll search for your daddy.’ He then took her away and asked over a microphone if anyone lost their child.

A man then hopped over the barricade and embraced the young girl. He then took a photograph of Akshay and the girl together.

Tees Maar Khan follows international conman Tabrez Mirza Khan, AKA Tees Maar Khan (played by Kumar), who tries to pull off the biggest heist of his life by stealing valuable antiques from a heavily guarded train.

He gets some unwitting help along the way from his glamorous girlfriend Anya (Kaif) and a Bollywood superstar, Atish Kapoor (played by Akshaye Khanna). Directed by Farah Khan (Main Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om), the movie also features cameos from Bollywood legends Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor.

Tees Maar Khan will release in the U.K., U.S. and Canada on 22 December 2010. It opens 23 December in Dubai.(AP)

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