Akshay Kumar irresistible at 47

The Khiladi turns 47 and we must say, he rocks it. The man is jaw-dropping hot and works everyday like a newbie. He is 47, none would agree.


He has been in the industry for decades and he still works with a lot of passion and dedication. In every role Khiladi Akshay Kumar pours his best. He has given us a bounty of roles, and many remain close to our hearts.

From beginning his career with just 7 second screen time to being one whose name is enough for a blockbustering hit, Akki has come a really long way. That too without any Godfather!

He is a quintessential actor, lovely human being, who is quite a prankster, yet disciplined to the core. He, who has a yearning to learn new things, has quite a fetish for sports too.

He believes in doing what his heart says and Akki just wins billions of hearts by just his honest smile that reaches his eyes.

A proud father of two, and having a gorgeous wife, Twinkle Khanna in tow, Akshay Kumar, oozes oomph and a great personality.

Here is wishing Akshay ‘A very Happy Birthday’ and we wish the star just keeps going on and entertain us, like hr always has!

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