Akshay Kumar gearing for his 500th LIVE Show!

Khiladi Akshay Kumar has all swooning over his stunts and persona.We all know how hardworking Akki is, and people swear by his professionalism, and the Superstar is all prepped for his 500th LIVE show.


Yes! 500! Akshay has performed LIVE across the globe and loves to keep all entertained. His first LIVE show was 23 years back, in Delhi. And the journey continues. Akki will give his 500th LIVE Performance in London on August 9th, at the inaugural ceremony of International Kabaddi League.

Akshay is superbusy with his upcoming movie, Entertainment’s promotions and he didn’t let it keep him from practicing for his performance. Not only will Akki be seen shaking a leg, but Khiladi will also have a mimicry act.

With so much glamor and glitz it won’t be wrong to say that WKL can be the next IPL. What Bollywood did to IPL, seems to be doing the same to Kabaddi! Akshay even owns a Kabaddi Team and will be seen in London hooting for Khalsa Warriors!

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