Akshay Kumar Detained at London Heathrow Airport

The immigration authorities at Heathrow Airport in London have reportedly detained Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar for over an hour-and-a-half after he was found to have been travelling without proper travel documents.

Akshay Kumar detained at Heathrow airport
Akshay Kumar detained at Heathrow airport

This issue took place yesterday afternoon when Akshay arrived in London along with his personal trainer to take part in the shoot of his upcoming period drama film Rustom. During the period of detaining, Akshay was made to sit in the general holding area prescribed for detained passengers.

Sources revealed that Akshay Kumar had attracted sizeable attention in the general holding area as overenthusiastic fans troubled him enough to click photographs and selfies.

At one point, an irritated Akshay even requested that he be allowed to sit in a private area, but his request was softly declined by the authorities saying that there was no such designated area for celebs.

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