Akshay doesn’t want to share stage with SRK

The story goes that both Shah Rukh and Akshay were asked to dance at the high-profile wedding of builder Kanti Gowani’s nephew. But Akshay simply refused to be on the same platform as Shah Rukh. He wriggled out of the offer by quoting a very high price to the bridegroom’s father, Ramesh Govani who had gone to meet him at Karjat when he was shooting for Action Replay. Naturally, Govani was flabbergasted when Akshay quoted a steep amount. Ramesh Govani admitted that he had met Akshay because he wanted him to perform at his son’s wedding. He said, “Akshay could not work out his dates; we did not discuss the finances. We will now have Emraan Hashmi instead.”

However, an insider confirmed that Akshay had indeed quoted an exorbitant fee, and quipped, “Isn’t it a common happening in the industry that if you don’t want to do a particular project, you quote an unreasonably high price?” This just adds more fodder to the Shah Rukh-Akshay stand-off. It may be recalled that at Preity Zinta’s birthday party too, Shah Rukh and Akshay spent some very uncomfortable moments in each other’s presence.

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