Akkineni Amala Arrested!

Hero Nagarjuna’s wife and actress Akkineni Amala was arrested today by the Charminar police at Charminar in Hyderabad.She was arrested for keeping a banner on Charminar, on her banner it was written that "Stop Coal Mining Save Indian Forests".The actress and the Greenpeace activists were taken into custody after they protested over the coal mining.

As per the reports "The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has recently allocated 13 coal blocks which means 10 lakhs hectares of forest land will be devastating for coal mining", so it is not good for forests.

She said that "Coal mining is not only a highly damaging, lakhs of Adivasi tribals will be losing their homes,millions of animals will be losing their homes and the Royal Bengal tiger is at risk of extension in such a time the forest should be protected and we should not be giving them for coal mining"

Charminar police arrested the actress and shifted her to station, later she was released on personal bond.

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