Akkineni Akhil’s cousin caught in drunk and drive case?

Akkineni Akhil

Akkineni Akhil’s cousin Anumolu Sahitya, who is the daughter of ANR’s daughter Naga Susheela is stated to have caught in drunk and drive case in Hyderabad. As per the reports of a media segment, Sahitya was caught by Hyderabad Police on Saturday in Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad.

It seems that they filed case and Sahitya and seized the vehicle. Police further asked Sahitya to appeal for counselling today. It is a fact that the Hyderabad Police are checking drunk and drive cases with utmost priority. The increase in road accidents made Police department to be on high alert.

They initially seized the vehicle of Sahitya and later on, they came to know that she belongs to Akkineni Family. Lets see what Akkineni Family says on this to the media. Stay tuned.

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