Akhil’s Second Movie Story Leaked

One of the today’s releases, Rendu Rellu Aaru touted to be a small budget flick with all freshers has become a nightmare to the entire team of Akhil’s second movie.

Akhil Second Movie
Akhil Second Movie

Going into the details, the second movie of Akhil under the director Vikram is carried out in Hyderabad. Fresh speculations state that Akhil will die under the age of 22 in this flick. And the rest of the story is how he died and what is the reason for his death. Until now, the plot was under wraps but all of a sudden, the main plot was leaked because of the flick Rendu Rellu Aaru. because in this small flick too, the hero dies in very young age so the director Vikram is curious to know the movie’s plot for finding out any similarities between these two flicks.

So Vikram will watch this movie only for the theme plot. If he finds that his movie is similar to this flick, then he will make some changes to his script as there is ample time. However, the small flick Rendu Rellu Aaru got some much-needed publicity with the entire issue.

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