Akhil’s marriage with Daggubati girl?

Akkineni Akhil’s marriage with Shriya Bhupal had been called off due to unknown reasons. The latest buzz is that Akkineni family is going to tie up relations with Venkatesh Daggubati family.

Akhil's marriage with Daggubati girl
Akhil’s marriage with Daggubati girl

According to the latest reports, Akhil’s marriage is going to happen with Venkatesh’s daughter. Strong rumors are going viral on social networks. Though it is unclear an official announcement is yet to made by them.

It is heard that Akhil is completely focusing on his career and other side they are busy with Naga Chaitanya’s wedding plans. After Naga Chaitanya’s marriage with Samantha, Nagarjuna is planning to do even Akhil’s marriage at any cost.

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