Akhil wants to do a Multi-starrer with Mahesh Babu!

There is no doubt that Akkineni Akhil’s ‘Akhil’ will be the biggest launch ever in Telugu Cinema, he also capable of bagging up a huge stardom in coming future. While there are few Super Star’s in Telugu, who have the same profile of that of Akhil’s, it took some time to reach to their current identity carried by them.

Akhil wants to do a multi starrer with Mahesh Babu
Akhil wants to do a multi starrer with Mahesh Babu

One of them is Mahesh Babu. Akhil and Mahesh do share a lot of similarities, both are from an acting background, and both have done films in their childhood (though Akhil was an infant while doing ‘Sisindri) and these two are quite handsome and fair skin toned heroes who appear as brothers.

One thing that Akhil is sure to carry better than Mahesh is dancing. Though Mahesh isn’t a bad dancer after all, Akhil seems to be a good dancer when compared.

While our comparison stands here, Akhil has some other similarity that he finds in Mahesh Babu. Akhil says that he and Mahesh share only one thing in common that is their ‘Complexion.’ Akhil feels that his and Mahesh’s skin tone are alike, and he doesn’t compare himself with Tollywood Super Star, as he feels that Mahesh is a better actor that one can compare with.

Akhil has one more thing to say for us; he says that doing a Multi-starrer with Mahesh would be the best film in his career.

V.V.Vinayak directorial ‘Akhil’ is ready to release tomorrow on the eve of Diwali.

Well, Akhil, let’s hope that day comes sooner.

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