Akhil Secrets Revealed by VV Vinayak

“Akhil will defiantly become a huge star some day. He has all the qualities of a star hero and mostly the fire in him will take him mountains” these were the words said by V.V.Vinayak. Akkineni Akhil starrer ‘AKhil’ is directed by V.V.Vinayak and is produced by Hero Nithin. This film that gained a U/A certificate is making its way for the release of 11th. Speaking about this film, Vinayak said.

V.V.Vinayak speaks about Akhil
V.V.Vinayak speaks about Akhil

“Since the climax scenes lacked quality graphics, so we decided to postpone the movie. We didn’t for any re shoot, those all are just rumours. Now, the final cut is impressive; graphics found their way into the film. Postponing the film was a collective, so Akhil didn’t feel bad about the delay.

I read that this film has some fantasy elements, nothing that sort of. This film has a lot of humor and comedy. Love track will impress. Above all fights and dance will satisfy the audience.

We filled in all the elements that are needed to launch a hero. The story runs a continent of Africa. Tribal in Africa call the sun as jua, that’s why our tagline of the film is Power of Jua. ‘Akhil’ means everywhere in Sanskrit, out hero’s name is also Akhil, so we decided to put his name as the title.

Handling Nagarjuna’s son was a tough job for me. Nagarjuna garu believed in me and handled the job of direction. Once Nagarjuna said that ‘Akhil’ is the only reason that he didn’t do any film with me, and he said that he will launch Akhil under my direction. From then on my responsibility just got increased.

There will be a tension before the film’s release. It is quite common for every producer and director to feel tensed before the release. The tension for ‘Akhil’ is higher, but Nagarjuna garu filled us with confidence and the film shall become a hit for at least his sake.

Akhil has a different presence. Sometimes he looks like his father Nagarjuna, but in a very stylish way. The audience will feel freshness with Akhil. They’ll applaud Akhil for his fights and dance sequences. It is a tough job to act opposite comedian Brahmanandam. His timing cannot be matched, but Akhil somehow did comedy scenes perfectly and will sure make the audience laugh.

We pre-planned the introduction song of Akhil. Akhil too did rehearsals for the song, in the process he didn’t consume food at times and fell by losing his consciousness. He worked very hard for this film.

Though the film was postponed, it didn’t have any negative feel over the film. Akkineni fans got disappointed with the delay of release. But later on they too understood the reason behind it and supported it. Now with the new date being announced they are filled with josh and are waiting for the film’s release.”

Vinayak directorial “Akhil” has Sayesha Saighal as the heroine. This film is being released in over 350 to 400 theatres only in Nizam.

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