Akhil Says I am a Sadist

Although heroes play good Samaritans on the silver screen, most of them have dark secrets which don’t come in front of public.

Akhil Akkineni, in his latest interview, has revealed few secretive details about him and his family. ‘My friends call me a sadist due to my intrusive nature. As none of my friends are in filmdom, no one in the film industry knows about my ‘sadism,’ revealed Akhil.

Akhil Turns Sadist
Akhil Turns Sadist

‘I am very scared of horror films. I don’t even watch the trailers of horror films. Recently, a director narrated a horror script to me. I had to sleep with lights on for almost a week after that. Chaitu is also very scared of ghosts. I always try to do the things not done by Chaitu to be called the best at home. My parents call me ‘devil’ because of my behavior at home,’ added Akhil, whose second film will be announced in few days.

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