Akhil planning for a big New Year party in Hyderabad!

Akkineni Akhil


Akkineni Akhil, who is known for his enjoyable mood is now stated to have decided to celebrate this New Year in a grand way. From 2015, he will be a top star in the industry and hence Akhil is stated to have decided to come up with a New Year bash.

As per the buzz in the media, Akhil is planning to celebrate the New Year along with his family and his friends. He is stated to have felt like welcoming the most important year of 2015 into his life with a big bang. There were few updates in the media that Nagarjuna has arranged the party with few celebrity dances.

Conformation on this update from the Akkineni Family has not yet hit the media. It is a fact that V V Vinayak’s direction for Akhil’s debut too came long back in media and Akkineni Family conformed it in the recent times. May be, this New Year party too is on the same lines. Stay tuned to get a new update on this.

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