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Akhil Movie Review: The debut of a Star’s son is not at all a small thing to look on. From its inception to the release, every aspect is done with utmost care. One such debuting Star son is Akhil Akkineni, grandson of legend Akkineni Nageshwararao garu and son of Yuvasamrat and Manmadhudu Akkineni Nagarjuna garu. Akhil is the third gen actor from the Akkineni family. Though he is seen in the climax of Akkineni Family’s multistarrer, directed by Vikram K Kumar, Akhil, The Power of Jua under the direction of V V Vinayak garu and produced by Hero Nithin, under Sri Sresth Movies is said to be his full-length debut. Let’s see how the movie is!

Akhil and Sayesha Still from Akhil
Akhil and Sayesha Still from Akhil


Akhil (Akkineni Akhil), is a carefree, happy going lucky guy who enjoys with his friends. He falls in love with a medical student named Divya (Sayesha Saigal). He goes to K V Rajendra Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) to help him in impressing Divya and her family. Divya goes to Europe as things with her are twisted up. A German Scientist named Katrochi, tries to get hold of Jua, which has supernatural powers and protects our Earth from dangerous UV rays, to rule the world with its supernatural powers. When the gang of Scientist Katrochi tries to get hold of Jua, a tribal lad runs away with it to protect it from them. Divya is kidnapped by Mambo as she treats injured tribal lad who has Jua and its information. Akhil then teams up with Johnson & Johnson (Brahmanandam) to save Divya from them. How he saves Divya? How he save Earth from dangerous UV rays on solar eclipse day and Jua from Katrochi forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Debuting actor Akhil Jua (Junior Akkineni) steals the show all the way, and his dance performances and his fights are eye feast and great to watch. He has all the features and talent to become a star. He needs to improve some more with his facial expressions and acting, and his performance in Akhil is far better than many actors performance of their debut. Sayessha Saigal is glamorous on screen and is a treat to watch. She performs her part very well. But, she doesn’t have much scope in the story as it revolves around Jua. She will grow as a good actress in the coming days. Mahesh Manjrekar gives good performance to the extent of his role. His role has nothing exciting to do. Brahmanandam as Johnson & Johnson, Sapthagiri as Pothe Baburao, Jayaprakash Reddy and Vennela Kishore are wasted in their roles and can be concluded as a total waste. Rajendra Prasad, Hema don’t have much to do in the movie but performs well even with the limited roles they get. African actors

Akhil Movie Still
Akhil Movie Still

Writing Department

The basic story of Akhil by Veligonda Sreenivas is very thin, and screenplay by V V Vinayak makes it very routine. Dialogues written by Kona Venkat are not so good and are crap in some scenes. The script has so many things in common with the movies like Indiana Jones, Deviputhrudu, Anji. These mixtures made it bad. Treatment of the story is bad, and it is executed in a routine way. There is much to do with the execution and even with the script. V V Vinayak, who is known for his high-octane mass and action films, has directed it in a mediocre way. Many logics go missing in the movie. We can say that Akhil debuted with a routine and not so good script. Totally, it is not a so good script and not so good in its execution also. V V Vinayak concentrated more on showing and showcasing Akhil rather than the script and its content.

Technical Departments

Music by Anoop Rubens and S S Thaman doesn’t live up to the expectations and songs got bad reviews when they were released. Both, young and talented music directors failed to do justice to this prestigious project. Background Score by Manisharma is very good and elevate scenes to the great level, and it can be considered as one of the highlights of the movie. Editing is not so good and has some more to do with the movie. The movie was postponed and makers said they postponed it to get the better quality of VFX shots. But, VFX shots in the movie are bad. They also seem to be inspired from many Hollywood flicks. Vfx shots like Panther shots seem to have been added from Damarukam. Cinematography by Amol Rathod is so good and visuals on screen looks good. His work for the movie is great. Production values by Sri Sresth Movies is great.


Akhil and Sayessha Saigal
Cinematography by Amol Rathod
Background Music
Dance moves of Akhil


Age old routine Screenplay
Bad Execution
Second Half
Situation Less Songs
No Emotional Connect


Most prestigious and much-anticipated movie that marks the full-length debut of Akkineni Akhil fails to live up to the expectations. The first half of the movie sets the pace of the movie, and it has so many illogical and uninteresting scenes made given elevating heroism. The first half of the movie is not so good and also not bad. It also ends in a not so interesting way. Second half starts slowly, and it also has not so interesting scenes. Brahmanandam comes in the second half as Johnson and Johnson and generates some laughs. Many artists are wasted in the movie, and they are not used up to their potential. This movie is all about Akhil, and it showcases Akhil as a handsome lad and his breathtaking dances and fight sequences. Watch if you love some comedy and action.

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