Akhil Impressed Mega Fans!

Akkineni Akhil’s debut film ‘Akhil’ is all set to release tomorrow worldwide. The audience has some good expectations over this ‘AKhil’ and is impressed with the newly released trailer’s and audio songs.

Mega Fans impressed by Akhil
Mega Fans impressed by Akhil

To make aware of this film’s release, Akhil planned a Twitter chat. Many who were interested Tweeted Akhil asking questions and wishing him luck. One such Tweet to which Akhil replied has impressed many especially Mega Fans.

An enthusiastic Tweeted Akhil asking who his favourite dancer is? To which Akhil replied saying Chiranjeevi.

By Akhil’s answer to this question, he made not only clear that Chiranjeevi is the best dancer but also impressed many Mega fans.

Though his father Nagarjuna too is a hero, Akhil admitting that Chiranjeevi is the best dancer cannot be taken in a negative manner. Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna are close friends, and moreover are business partners. Their son’s Ram Charan and Akhil are close friends too.

Akhil Tweets about Chiranjeevi
Akhil Tweets about Chiranjeevi

Akhil further in his Tweet said that he is eagerly waiting for Chiranjeevi’s come back film.

Now, these tweets of his have become a hot topic in Tollywood, while his film is releasing tomorrow.

Hero Nithin produces V.V.Vinayak directorial ‘Akhil’. Sayesha Saigal is the lead heroine in this film.

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