Ajith’s Remuneration Shocks All

Star heroes always charge high remuneration for their work in the industry. Considering their craze and fan base, the producers also shed a huge amount to the heroes. But no one will officially disclose the exact remuneration that the heroes are getting because of the obvious reasons like the income tax problems. Now, there is an interesting report about the remunerations of star heroes in Tamil film industry.

Ajith Remuneration
Ajith Remuneration

The buzz is that the star heroes Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth and Ajith charge almost 50 crores as a remuneration for their movies. Their remuneration keeps changing if a film works at the box-office. Depending on the budget, collections and the extent of success, the remuneration varies too.

Ajith is the star hero in Tamil who is on a success streak. The buzz is that he charges almost 60 crores per film. Boney Kapoor who is producing Ajith’s next is said to be paying the same to the actor

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