Ajith and Vijay – What do they have in common?

There are few people when identified with their name evokes some emotions. Ajith and Vijay are certainly in this league. Actor Ajith has been well known for his self-confidence who beat all odds to become a numero-uno star in the tamil film industry. On the other hand Vijay has been a talented artist with gifted abilities and wins the hearts of everyone so earnestly. Here, we see what the two successful actors share in common with each other.


Acted in same movie
The two actors acted in the same movie together in Rajavin Parvaiyile. Both Ajith and Vijay were in the early time of their career with Ajith yet to deliver a successful film and Vijay honing his acting skills under his father’s production house.

Everyone would agree that both actors are gifted dancers in their own way. Vijay’s dance moves are quite a sensation among the youth; he is most probably the best dancer among the hero’s in the kollywood industry. Ajith is equally good with classy and synchronized moves with a lot of style in his performance.

Good Songs
One would wonder if the same lyricists are writing songs for these two leading actors. Because the song sequence have had a great impact in their careers. Vijay’s charm exudes in all his songs. Ajith’s songs instantly reach to the masses and are usually well received.

Started career around same time
Both actors have come a long way amidst many hurdles. Though their paths have differed they started their careers quite around the same time. In 1995 they acted together in Rajavin Paarvaiyilae where Vijay was cast as the lead actor and Ajith played a supporting role.

Head Strong
Having seen them for more than a decade both actors are head strong. They have each carved a way for themselves in this competitive industry. They still eye out for making it big in the tamil film industry. The fans would be delighted with the actors always prepared to go the extra mile.

Committed Actors
Talk about commitment, they have got it. Ajith is rolling out his 55th film and Vijay has a bunch of films for his share. Their work speaks and it is certainly hard to get there without commitment.

Both the actors try their hands at comedy. Vijay pairs up quite well with Vadivelu and the two have created laugh riot in many a flicks. Ajith, has a rather suave approach with a black humour that his fans lap onto.

Don’t get caught in gossips
When was the last time did you hear a gossip story on these actors? No, they haven’t really been caught in gossips. Their movies have always been given the clean chit from profanity and vulgarity.

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