Ajith to play a 20 year old

Okay so the Thala Ajith – Gautham Menon movie or Thala 55, as it has been christened by the fans, has had no shortage of buzz surrounding it and definitely no shortage of rumours regarding the details of the project too.

Here’s the latest piece of news about the flick – Ajith to play a 20 year old for some portions of the story!!

ajith 2

Now, really?? We can all agree that the actor is one of the most handsome leading men in the south and as dashing as they come, but isn’t this a bit too much to ask of him?

Well, neither the actor nor Gautham Menon think so and Ajith is in the process of losing weight for the parts requiring him essay the youthful role. His trademark salt n pepper hair has already been blackened it seems.
Whether the duo can pull it off or not will have to be seen, but there are precedents in the field of course – after all, Aamir Khan did play a a college student in 3 Idiots.

Not to worry though, Ajith is not planning on playing this part for the whole movie – for most if it he will be playing a 40 year old.

The team behind the movie, with Gautham at the helm, remain as tight lipped as ever when it comes to the plot and we still have no details on the characters or their parts in the story.

What we do know is that Anushka Shetty and Trisha Krishnan are both the female leads, and that Trisha may be playing a villainous role in this. There was also chat of Anushka playing Ajith’s love interest and Trisha playing his wife.

Guess, in the end its what they had in mind all along, get us excited and get us talking but make us wait for the big day when the movie hits the big screens to finally get some answers. Well played gentlemen, and can’t wait for the releasing day…

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