Ajith Fans Upset with Siddharth

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians fought in the final of IPL 2019 and Mumbai Indians won the season. A lot of Chennai supporters who could not digest the defeat of Chennai have posted comments that the match has been fixed. Actor Siddharth who is an ardent cricket follower has made comments that it was not fixed. To some horrible netizens, he gave strong counters too.

Ajith and Siddharth
Ajith and Siddharth

“First… Shut up and learn to respect the game. There is no match fixing in today’s game. These athletes give their everything to entertain us and to show their potential. The only ? in this case is poor sports fans like you.” Another person with a display picture having Ajith too tweeted to Siddarth and the actor replied to him saying, “If you respect Ajith, then learn to respect hard work. Otherwise no point having such a cool role model.”

This irked a lot of Ajith fans who are now sending tweets to Siddarth saying that it is not good for Sid to drag Ajith in the issue. Some of them are even abusing the actor.

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