Ajay sprains his leg in Hyderabad

All is not well for Ajay Devgn. The versatile actor who was shooting for Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal 3 in Hyderabad had badly sprained his right leg.

“Thankfully, the injury has not happened while shooting any stunt scene, but is a bad sprain. Ajay got up with bad leg pain on Wednesday morning and had difficulty in walking. The cause of the pain was unknown as Ajay didn’t have a fall or anything. The doctors were called and he was asked to rest but Ajay had to finish a couple of scenes as the schedule was wrapping up.” So he was seen walking around with a stick. He barely managed to stand still without support but he had to finish the shoot. The director also quickly wrapped up the shoot and there were no further incidents or mishaps.

A friend. of Ajay said that the actor is back in Mumbai and is much better now.

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