Aithe 2.0 Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Aithe 2.0
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Indraneil Sengupta, Zara Shah,Kartavya Sharma,Abhishek Gupta
Director Raj Madiraju
Music Director Arun Chiluveru
Production Company K Vijayaramaraju
Release Date March 16, 2018

The film Aithe 2.O is about four engineering graduates, all unemployed, and their rendezvous with the crime world. Directed by Raju Madiraju, the film is a techno-thriller about technological advancements and their impact on the society. The overseas rights of the film have been bagged by Planet Earth Entertainment for a fancy price, while the Indian distribution has gone to Viswas Cinemas. Aithe 2.0 stars Indraneil Sengupta, Zara Shah, Abhishek, Kartavya Sharma, Neeraj, Mrunal, Mridanjli and Dr Srikanth in the lead roles. Arun Chiluveru has composed music for this flick with Kaushik Abhimanyu cranking the camera and Rajeev Nair taking care of the art department. Kittu Vissapragada has penned the dialogues as well as lyrics.


Aithe Review
Aithe Review

Upen, Arjun, Karan, Izaz, Rekha and Esha are the unemployed Engineering graduates. Having vexed with their fate, the gang decides to design a software Yureka which is expected to change the outcome of the country. In such a scenario, their lives turn upside down because of one incident, and we have to watch it only on the screen.


There are a lot of newcomers in the movie, but they played their parts as experienced actors. Indraneil Sengupta, Zara Shah, Abhishek, Kartavya Sharma, Neeraj, Mrunal, Mridanjli and Dr Srikanth are the principal members of the cast who have performed well in their roles. They justified the characters they were cast for and did well in the emotional scenes. All the actors who played the lead and character roles made their presence felt.


Aithe 2.0 Movie Review
Aithe 2.0 Movie Review

Raj Madiraju who earlier made Rishi and Andhra Pori is the director and writer of the film. He has come up with some raw dialogues which are very good. At the same time, he has also come up with a unique style of writing. The story might not be an effective one, but the screenplay is impressive.


The camera work by Kaushik Abhimanyu is good. The technical team took the film to the next level. The narration is pretty good and keeps the audience engaged. The film is restricted only to certain people, and this techno-thriller lives up to the expectations regarding the VFX and graphics work. The Music is by Arun Chiluveru is in sync with the narration. The BGM is neat. The production values of the movie are fair enough.


The film has a gripping narration, but the presence of no big stars might not draw the audiences to the theatres. The technical aspects of the movie are stunning, and the newness of the film is entirely evident. The present-day reality check is correctly interestingly shown in the movie. The movie is laced with decent performances, strong technical team and impressive direction. The film is mainly targetted on Youth, and they will surely like the movie.

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