Aishwarya kya hota hai, huh? – Jaya Bachchan

At the recent event of Subhash Ghai’s wifey Rehana’s birthday party, the Bachchan Parivaar was invited with much fanfare. However, Jaya Bachchan seems to have strong reservations about media addressing her Bahu Raani. As Aishwarya entered, the press called her by the name, to get her pictures. Ash didn’t seem to have any problem till her Mom in law angrily retorted – "Aishwarya Kya Hota Hai, Huh? Is she your school friend?". She seems to want all of us address her daughter in law in a more ‘prudent way’.

Last time it was Abhishek Bacchan who displayed similar rigidness by stating that people should call his wife ‘Aishwarya’ and not ‘Ash’. Now, Mom in law has issues with that as well. So, what do we call her then? Bahuraani? Junior Mrs Bachchan? Aishwarya ji?

Naam mein kya rakha hai Jayaji? Oops..Mrs Jaya Bachchan?..

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