Aishwarya & Kate Winslet to shoot together

The news is indeed of titanic proportions. Sometime soon Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be seen rubbing shoulders with actress Kate Winslet. Aishwarya will be working with the British actress on a commercial, to be shot in Italy. This is for a brand Ash endorses.

In the past, Aishwarya has worked with Hollywood actors such as Jean Reno, Steve Martin and Emily Mortimer. But clearly, this one is a special feather in her cap.

A source close to Ash reveals, “Aishwarya is very excited to meet Kate and moreover shoot with her for the ad. Ash is headed to Italy sometime next week. The ad will be shot over two days.”

Aishwarya has met Kate in the past but very briefly and finds her very pretty. She has also watched a lot of Kate’s films. Shooting with her is thus something Ash is eagerly waiting for.

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