Airports in India on terror alert!

With the Intelligence Bureau (IB) reportedly warning of a possibility of a small aircraft being used to target the Chatrapti Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, the police has stepped up security at all major airports across the country on Tuesday under a nationwide alert.

The Intelligence Bureau and the Union Home Ministry have issued an advisory directing the police of all states to remain on their toes after an email was received.

Although it has been found that the email was a hoax, the police are taking no chances. The email reminded many of the high-intensity blast that occurred outside the Delhi High Court on September 7.

Extra security personnel have been deployed at sensitive places including, shopping malls, metro stations, railway stations, airport and markets.

Precautionary measures are being taken in view of the threat ahead of the third anniversary of September 13, 2008 blasts, that claimed over 20 lives.

The passengers seemed satisfied with the security arrangements taken by the police and said that they were happy to see the authorities aware about tackling and combating militancy.

"I am coming from Nagpur and there also the security arrangements are good. There are two-three regular checking points, but now checking is going on in multiple layers and the security personnel are covering every aspect," said Sanjeev Kumar, a passenger.

"The security arrangements are quite satisfactory in Nagpur as well as in Mumbai, its good to see such good security arrangements at the time of high alert. It”s good that we are aware of the situation and are ready to combat militant attacks," he added.(ANI)

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