Airport security stops heroine

Koyna Mitra was Mumbai-bound on the Bangalore- Mumbai flight yesterday morning. Before boarding her flight, however, the actress was subjected to a 45-minute interrogation.During her security check-in, Koyna was subjected to a bizarre enquiry.

The actress reveals that the Bangalore CISF women team subjected her to a weird security check-up.
She says, "As I made my way to the ladies’ security section, I saw three girls in uniform start giggling on seeing me. There weren’t too many people, so I expected to be done soon." Koyna was dressed in torn jeans and a T-shirt that had an attached hood. "They wanted to know why I was wearing torn jeans! They kept asking me silly things and each time I answered, they giggled and whispered to each other in their local dialect. I still kept my cool and tried my best to cooperate."

However, she lost her temper when they asked her to remove the T-shirt and check for the hood, which looked suspicious. "My hood had a PVC lining inside and it was soft and spongy. They wanted to run a check on it, and I asked them use their device. But they kept insisting I remove my T-shirt and hand over it to them! They also made me remove my shoes and pass them through the scanner. After that, they made me walk bare feet through the entire enquiry!"

Despite the odd experience, Koyna still managed to get out through the area with three perfume bottles, a pair of scissors, a nail filer and a matchbox inside her purse. "Can you imagine they didn’t even run a check through my purse? I mean if I can get away with carrying a pair of scissors or a matchbox on board, how good they are with their work?"

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