Aha Naa Pellanta movie review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

It is:

Movie which has managed to become laugh riot entirely based on the characters of Allari Naresh and Sri Hari.

Subramanyam (Allari Naresh) lives with his uncle (Ahuti Prasad) working in a software company is very hardworking and intelligent who is most of the time hanging out with his girlfriend Madhu (Anita) or with Busy Balraj (Brahmanandam). Incidentally, one day after boozing a lot Subbu ends up waking with another girl Sanjana (Ritu Barmecha), however neither of them are able to remember the previous night happenings and tend to believe that the worst has happened.

This is the time when Sanjana’s trio brothers (Srihari, Subbaraju, Samrat) enter into the scene and force him to marry their sister if not warning him of worst consequences. Despite making maximum efforts Subbu is not successful at escaping the marriage this is when he gets to know an important thing which can turn tables even then Subbu gets tangled in a series of emotions. The rest of themovie has to be watched in order to know who whether Subbu has become successful at escaping the forced marriage.

What is good?
The movie is filled with cheeky comedy bits which can make the spectator roll on the floor with loud laughs. Even though it has become something of an habit to listen srihari’s telangana dialect, efforts were put in to bring out unique words which are newly used in thismovie which are bound to bring chuckles from the audience.

Allari Naresh expression which from many movies gives a confused looks also has added to this movie’s script. This role given to Ritu is quite a way to be introduced into the film industry. The climax of the movie will also definitely be to the liking of the audience which will definitely cause pain their cheek bones.

What is bad?
Most of the movie appears to be copied from the Hindi movie Welcome and also there are quite a lot of scenes which have been taken from some comedy movies similar to welcome.

Allari Naresh and Sri Hari will be seen competing in this movie to out do each other with their acting skills and also the characterization. With their unique skills being displayed separately till date, it is surely to fascinate the audience to watch them work together.

This movie can be watched by anyone seeking entertainment and can be said to be one good movie among several others of Allari Naresh which has an additional advantage of Sri Hari and Brahmanandam.

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