Agnyaathavaasi War Between Pawan Kalyan Fans

Agnyaathavaasi is the film that everyone is discussing. There is a huge buzz around the movie now. There is a lot of demand for the movie tickets, and because of the same reason, Pawan Kalyan fans have divided into two groups. The fans in Nellore have been discussing the tickets with the theatre management. There is a dispute going on between the fans and associations that the real fans were denied the tickets. The fans associations have approached cops alleging that new people are coming for the tickets as Jana Sena workers and they are not the real fans who deserve to be given the tickets.

Agnyaathavaasi Tickets
Agnyaathavaasi Tickets

On the other side, a black market is going on in Hyderabad. The people are selling the 100 rupees ticket for 500 rupees. Some of the fans have complained the same to the cops. The cops have been making sure that no one sells the tickets in the black market. The government of Andhra Pradesh has granted the permission for 24*7 shows and it results in a lot of shows in the state tomorrow. The first show in Nellore is said to be starting at 3AM.

The buzz reveals that there are 21 shows in S2, 30 shows in MGB, 6 shows in Archana, 6 shows in Leela Mahal, 6 shows in Narthaki, 12 shows in Siri. A total of 81 shows are being screened on the day one.

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