Adurs Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

What it’s all about?

The film Adhurs is all about a wicked mafia don who keeps an army Major in a remote island and forces him to develop satellite missile technology. The Major is presumed to be dead. It is now up to the twins of the Major to save him from the clutches of the don and bring him back him safely to unite with their mother.

The plot:

Jr. NTR plays a dual role in the film – that of a Brahmin Chari and another as Narasimha, a daredevil young man who is interested in becoming a police officer. Narasimha works for a top cop Sayaji Shinde and helps him in eliminating gangsters in the city.

The Brahmin guy Chari is a disciple of Bhattu (Brahmanandam). They both make a living by performing pujas and other religious ceremonies. Bhattu is almost 50 years old but he fancies himself as a young man and he runs after the young and beautiful Chandu (Nayanatara). He wants to marry Chandu and so requests Chari to help him in the matter.

However Chandu has other ideas. She falls in love with Chari and asks him to marry him. Bhattu is angry and he wants to take revenge on Chanri for backstabbing him in the love matter.

Narasimha and Chari are separated at birth but meet later in Calcutta. The evil gangster Baba (Mahesh Manjrekar) promises the army Major Nazar that he will unite him with his family as soon as he completes his mission of developing the missile.

Sayaji Shinde’s daughter Indu (Sheela) is in love with Narasimha. Baba brings Narasimha to Calcutta to show Nazar that has family is safe. Bhattu who wants to take revenge on Chari plans to eliminate him after he is taken to Calcutta by the gangsters.

The rest of the film is about confused identities and the fight of Narasimha to save his father from the faraway island.

The actors:

Jr. NTR lives up to the expectations of his fans with superb dances, fights and acting skills. He is good in both the roles. There are however no lengthy trademark Jr. NTR dialogues in the film that he is so famous for.

Brahmanadam appears in a very meaty role and hogs the screen presence almost on par with Jr. NTR. He manages to tickle the funky bone. He gets good support from Jr. NTR, MS Narayana, Mahesh Manjrekar and others.

Nayanatara is hot and Sheela is hotter. The two heroines between themselves fill in the glamour department perfectly.

The bottom line:

Adhurs has good music by Devi Sree, some stunning dance movements by Jr. NTR, enough fights to please the front benchers. It is only the story that is weak. There is no novelty whatsoever in the story and it only Jr. NTR who makes the film interesting.

The title Adhurs applies just to Jr. NTR, the rest of the film is just average. VV Vinayak has put in a lot of effort but it somehow falls short of expectations and all the pre-release hype surrounding the film.


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