Aditya Chopra’s announces his new movie “Befikre”

Aditya Chopra, who is the son of legendary Yash Chopra, went on in a conversation with his father. What? How is it even possible? Yash Chopra died three years ago, how come Aditya Chopra sat on a conversation with him?

Well, Aditya didn’t sit on a real conversation with Yash Chopra but was imagining him speaking with his dad. Aditya, who admired his father more than anything else, says that he was his ‘Go to Guy’ for all important decisions in his life.

Today being Yash Chopra’s 83rd birthday, Aditya Chopra was on an imaginary conversation with his dad.

Aditya Chopra posted this of Facebook
Aditya Chopra posted this of Facebook

The producer-director has chosen a different way of announcing his new film. He revealed few details of the film by saying that it’s his happiest, youngest and riskiest film. The film is titled as “Befikre- Those who dare to love.

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