Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What it’s all about?


Adhineta is a film that looks at the present political system and why it needs radical change. A common man Jagapathi Babu rises to the post of chief minister from his humble background as an assistant to the chief minister.

The plot:


Suribabu (Jagapathi Babu) is the son of Chalapathi Ro and Annapurna. The local MLA Paruchuri Gopalakrishna gets Suribabu a job in the chief minister’s office as the PA to the CM Ahuthi Prasad. Suribabu is a king hearted soul and he tries his best to get help to all those people who writes letter to the CM seeking help. He helps a poor girl to complete her MBBS by finding a rich business magnate to sponsor her education. She is none other than Rajeswari (Sraddha Das).


Suribabu falls in love with her. By a quirk of fate, Suribabu becomes an independent MLA after his mentor Paruchuri is murdered by the chief minister. As the assembly elections throws up a hung verdict, independent MLA Suribabu backed by 24 other independent MLAs and supported by former CM Ahuthi Prasad becomes the Chief Minister.


Suribabu starts doing all the rights things in order to help the poor and also tries to root out corruption. But Ahuthi Prasad cannot simply sit back and let Suribabu become popular with his good acts and consolidate his position as chief minister.


Chief Minister Suribabu is falsely implicated in a murder case by Ahuthi Prasad and is jailed. How he fights back and takes revenge on the evil politicians and their goons is the remaining part of the story.


The actors: 


The film runs on Jagapathi Babu from start to finish. Jagapathi Babu does full justice to his role and also lends some credibility to his role, both as a common man and as a chief minister. Ahuthi Prasad is surprisingly very calm and subdued in his role as chief minister. He also does not get a chance to mouth his trademark punch dialogues.


Sraddha Das plays a medico and her role is too small to have any impact. Same is the case with Hamsa Nandini. She plays a police officer but manages to squeeze in a hot dance number with the hero.


The other star cast like Chalapathi Rao, Annapurna, Sivaparvathi etc. add their bit to the movie.


The bottom line:


Director V Samudra has tried to come up with a political film to reflect the present political situation. He does manage to touch the problems and concerns of the people and also show an indirect reference to the new entrant on the political horizon, Chiranjeevi.


But the slow pace of the movie and the clichéd screenplay turn Adhinetha into just another average film set against a political backdrop. 






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