Adhinayakudu Movie Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)


Instead of the traditional scheme of an all-mighty dad and a son who lives in the city without knowledge of his lineage had been improvised so as to fit in three generations of Bala Krishnas.

Film starts with the oldest of the three (Harishchandra Prasad) getting shot and 15 years later Bobby (the younger, flamboyant Bala Krishna) walks in after he’s done a hole in one. Bobby is a professional killer who picks his kills so as to not hurt any good people (humanity is always the priority despite the profession). The killer (Charan Raj) who brought up Bobby later tells him of his usual extraordinary past and Bobby sets of to become one with the family again.

Now, he meets Deepu (Laskhmi Rai) as she does the popular ‘female lead’s always late for the train’ thing and to further add to his trophies of comeback, she is related to him in a way that allows them to be dirty.

Why is Bobby’s father (Ram Krishna Prasad) angry with him, why was Harishchandra angry with Rama Krishna and what’s with the customary paralyzed guy at home? That’s the second half for you.

The idea of it

Only by surrendering oneself to the idea of Bala Krishna can one get past most of his films. Even cinematic reality is at another level with this idea in place. The idea is going to pose as a twenty something fellow and flatter girls with his mere
presence, can knock out more ‘humans with arms’ than other such ideas around, the idea is going to mouth provoking lines about the political scene and his kin and dance like nobody’s watching.

Accept it; it’s the only way of making it a bearable and probably a fun experience.


The two older versions of Ballaya were eye friendly, even the fancy one in the younger outfits can be entertaining once you find a way around it (use the idea). The fan base will be pretty happy with the monologues that take a dig at everything they hope for.

Lakshmi Rai doesn’t hold back and is very comfortable in playing the masala movie diva.


Paruchuri Murali’s narrative (with a decent Brahmanandam gag through it) can get you past one watch with lesser complaints than usual. With the ‘idea’ in place, that is more than what we can ask for.

Reviewed by Rohit
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