Adhinayakudu Censor Cuts Details!

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s much awaited film Adhinayakudu is all set to hit the big screens worldwide on June 1st, 2012. Lakshmi Rai and Saloni are the heroines in the film. The film got the A certificate from the censor baord.

Here is the Censor Cuts List

1. Delete the dialogue ‘utcha poyinchala’ (twice)

2. Delete the dialogue ‘policelanu nammaru’ in the dialogue ‘rajakeeya nayakulu policelanu nammaru gundalanu nammutharu’.
3. Blurred the visuals of Budha’s head in background of Ashram fight.

4. Reduce to flash the lip lock between hero and heroine and exposure of cleavage of heroine in the song (replaced with approved shots… same length).

5. Delete the dialogue ‘kaipekki pothundi, nakodallara.

6. Delete the visuals of head flying away from the body and blood spilling out (replaced with approved shots… same length)

7. Blurred the visuals of SI being stamped with uniform by villain.

8. Delete the dialogue ‘lanjakodaka, nakodaka, kojja nakodaka, madatha kojjagadu; important piece.

9. Blurred visuals of Nitiesh Kumar (in Hindi) name in the banner.

10. Delete the visuals of undergarment exposure in Song No.1 and hero’s hands on the tummy of dancer (in song No.2) (replaced with approved shots… same length).

11. Delete the dialogue ‘attipandu saripoledenti donda pandutho saripettukundaam’.



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