Rating: 1.75/5

Critic Rating: (1.75/5)

What it’s all about?
The film Adavi is a suspense filled adventure film that has been set in the deep jungles in Sri Lanka. Adavi is not a spooky murder or a suspense thriller like Raksha. The film comes across as a mixed bag and it is not exactly like a Ram Gopal Varma film except for the ‘surprise’ and abrupt ending.
The plot:
The film is a film within a film. A hero Sharman (Gautham Rode), Asha (Priyanka Kothari), Sujan (Nitin) and a host of other crew members from the director to producer, stunt master, cinematographer, assistant director, spot boy etc. go to a creepy jungle where the director plans a film shot.
The hero is a fussy type who things very highly of himself and throws his weigh around irking everyone of the crew. Sujan (Nitin) is an assistant director and he is extremely fond of the heroine Asha. Nitin loves Asha but keeps it to himself.
The film crew is hosted at a jungle motel and a menacing looking guy Sethu makes arrangements for their stay in the jungle. As the shooting progresses the camera conks out and a replacement will take three to four days.
The crew therefore agrees to go deep into the jungle as suggested by Sethu so that they can while away the four days till the replacement camera arrives. The film then turns a bit scary as Sethu is found killed brutally by an unknown predator. The crew then begins to flee the place but they lose their way in the jungle.
One after the other beginning with the producer and the director are killed by the mysterious predator. To add to their woes, the stunt master kills the hero and the cinematographer commits suicide by stabbing himself with a knife. The first assistant Sameera also kills herself.
The stunt master and the spot boy are also killed by the unknown predator. This leaves Nitin and Priyanka Kothri who now try to com out of the jungle safely. Nitin finally manages to come out of the jungle with Priyanka but the film then ends abruptly with the caption – Coming Soon – Adavi-2.
The actors:
The film marks Nitin’s debut as hero in Bollywood as the film has been released simultaneously in Hindi as Agyat. Nitin looks good in his six packs and he also dances well. Nitin has improved a lot and he is sure to make a mark with his future projects.
Priyanka Kothari is the heroine of the film as well as the heroine in the film being made in the film. She adds a a lot of glamour and her hot skim show in the song sequences ends the pulse of the audiences soaring. Priyanka exposes a lot and this should make all her fans happy.
Gautham rode plays the hero in the film within the film. He does a neat job. The other star cast from Ishrat Ali to Ravi Kale, Howard Rosemeyer to Rasika Duggal fir into their roles perfectly.
The best scene:
The best scene in the film is when Nitin and Priyanka are washed away in the stream. The scene is very realistic and the surrounding forests add its own charm and beauty to the overall effect.
The bottom line:
Adavi is not one of the best films by Ram Gopal Varma. The story is very weak and there is not much suspense or horror element in the film. The only saving grace is the beautiful locales, the decent cinematography and the good background scores. Priyanka manages to sizzle to a considerable extent.
The rather abrupt ending makes Adavi a half-cooked film and it appears that Ram Gopal Varma could not think of a proper ending and hence choose to borrow time by deciding to make a sequel to Adavi.

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