Adah Sharma’s Special Performance for A Fan

Beautiful actress Adah Sharma, who stays in touch with her fans via social media, has given a special performance for one of her fans.

Adah Sharma Performance
Adah Sharma Performance

Adah Sharma, who has been performing on the stage of SIIMA awards event for the past two years, was asked by one of her fan to which song she will be performing in this year’s SIIMA event to commence this evening?

The gorgeous Adah replied that she wasn’t attending the event this year as she was busy with the shooting of a new Hindi film titled ‘Commando 2.’ However, Adah entertained her fan by singing the ‘Super Machi’ song from ‘S/o Satyamurthy’. She must be commended for memorizing all those Telugu words even though she is not a Telugu girl.

Adah also has the habit of posting eye pleasing photos and videos of her doing yoga and dances in short and tight clothes.

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