Adah Sharma’s father is no more

Adah Sharma No More

Adah Sharma, who shot to fame in the recent times with high profile film offers and advertisements, faced a big hurdle in her life. Her father captain S L Sharma died few hours back due to Heart Attack. It seems that it was a sudden Heart Attack and Adah Sharma’s father struggled with it for a while and finally left the world.

As per the sources information, Adah Sharma is the only child for their parents and she is quite close to her dad. Speaking on this, Adah Sharma mentioned in her twitter that her dad passed away. She mentioned that death works in this way and it didn’t give any hints to react on time. She finally stated that she loves her dad so much.

This is a tough situation for Adah Sharma and hope she digests the situation and moves ahead in her life with confidence. May Mr. Sharma’s soul rest in peace.

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