Actresses Slap Each Other On ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’

Well, there is a whole new episode in the lines of ‘Cat-fights’ in Bollwyood. While, it is common for actresses having hatred and also commenting a thing or two about each other, we hardly see actresses coming down to exchanging blows on national Television.

Yeah,you read it right! The actresses of the upcoming Himesh-Yo Yo Honey Singh thriller, ‘The Xpose’, slapped each other on the sets of the very popular show, ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’.

It is ironical that such an incident occurred on a comedy show which has been bringing smiles on peoples’ faces ever since its inception.

Sonali Raut and Zoya Afroz (Miss India 2013, Second Runner-up), are the actresses we are talking about. They came to blows while making a promotional appearance on Kapil Sharma’s television show.

actresses slap each other on comedy nights with kapil

It seems the two have a history — the situation had apparently turned ugly while shooting a cat fight sequence for the film. But back then, they were pacified.

Matters heated up once again when the two came face-to-face during the show.

“Sonali confronted Zoya in the make-up van and reminded her about their earlier tiff. She also asked her to behave well, saying she would otherwise hit Zoya.”, said a source.

An infuriated Zoya apparently slapped Sonali, who retaliated.

“Himesh immediately intervened and brokered peace, but the two girls hate the sight of each other.”, added the source.

While Sonali says, “I’m not scared of anyone,” Zoya is clear that she doesn’t want to comment. “Sonali should know how to behave,” is all she had to say.

Woah woah woah! Easy girls! The girls haven’t really made it big in the industry yet and are still resorting to such violent outbursts. Only time will tell what will happen next.

God Bless Bollywood!

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