Actresses Dirty Fight on Sets Shocked All!

Iniya, Nikesha Patel
Iniya, Nikesha Patel at Karaiyoram Movie Launch Event

It is always nice to see more than one female actor on screen dishing it out to grab audience’s attention while they woo them with their beauty and charisma. What isn’t pretty is to see two actresses actually getting down to fight each other off set in every aspect such as costumes or hair and make-up due to clashes in their personality. And, yes, this has happened.

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On sets of the shooting of a Kollywood movie, actress Iniya and “Komaram Puli’s” heroine Nikisha Patel ended up having ego issues that created a lot of tension between each other. What started as a cold war lead to an actual fight where they both started to even pull at the other’s hair! While it is common for various actresses to not get along with each other, these two have taken this to an entirely new level.

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The only ones that are losing out here are the producers and directors who had to stop shooting due to the melodrama created by the two actresses and can only hope that time will heal everything. And, oh! I almost forgot, the actresses have definitely lost a little bit of self-respect, don’t you think?

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