Actress was cheated by Driver!

Popular actress K R Vijaya, who acted recently in NBK’s "Simha" movie, was cheated by her driver. K.R. Vijaya is living in Chennai T.Nagar Raman street. Tamizhvanan is working as driver for past 3 years in her house. Since he was very sincere and honest, Actress K.R. Vijaya used to give her confidential works also to him. But later when he got chance, he took the Rs.1 lakh cheque form her house without her knowledge and withdrew the amount also and cheated her. After she came to know the issue she gave complaint against him with the help of her daughter Hemalatha. The case was filed in Sowndarapandiyanar Angaadi Police station and police officers are investigating the case. Driver Tamizhvanan was caught and is being enquired by Assitant commisioner Manoharan and Inspector Kannan.

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