Actress Vidya Balan Turns Coolie For A Day!

Bollywood Beauty Vidya Balan is a not only a reel heroine but also a good actress and real heroine. She proved that she is real heroine by becoming a coolie.

Vidya Balan becomes Coolie for Mission Sapne
Vidya Balan becomes Coolie for Mission Sapne

This “Kahaani” heroine has done something that made many of her followers thrill and excited. Usually, any heroine always looks’s for some comfort space. She expects a sophisticated life and good remuneration for her films. But, Vidya isn’t such kind of heroine. She is someone who likes to challenge herself and bring the best out of her.

Recently she was spotted at Jaipur bus stand. Although she wasn’t shooting for any film but did something that caught off the passengers mind. Vidya was seen in the uniform of a Coolie.

The passengers around her were surprised and couldn’t believe what they saw. It was Vidya Balan in a Coolie avatar and carrying the luggage of the passengers. People around her realized that it was Vidya and stared towards her. Vidya, who was busy in carrying the passenger’s luggage, didn’t mind of their staring.

After a while, the passengers got to know that this was all done as a part of promotional activity for a reality show. Knowing the truth people laughed and meanwhile appreciated her acting as Coolie. This promotion was done for the Television show Mission Sapne.

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