Actress Vanitha got arrested again

Vijay Kumar is a well-known actor among the Tollywood audience. The veteran actor has been making it into the headlines by complaining to the police against his daughter, actress Vanitha.

Vanitha Arrested
Vanitha Arrested

This is the second time he filed a case on her. Earlier this year, Vanitha had rented a property owned by Vijay Kumar in Perumbur, Chennai. She rented the house for shooting a film. Even after the wrapping up the shoot, she refused to vacate the property and started claiming that it is her house. On this note, Vijay Kumar approached the police and filed a complaint. The father-daughter are not having a proper relationship for some years and post his complaint, the police made her vacate the house in September.

After all this, Vanitha again started to live in the same house. Now, Vijay Kumar went to the police station again with a complaint. So, the police went into her house and arrested her. She is currently in the police custody.

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