Actress Urvasi Pregnant at 46?

The viral news is spread fast, though it remains unconfirmed at this point – actress Urvashi, who just got remarried a few months ago could be pregnant… at age 46!
Yes, the veteran actress, who just made her comeback in to the industry after years of semi- retirement and married her beau Shivaprasad following an ugly divorce and custody battle with her ex husband actor Manoj K Jayan, may very well be on the verge of motherhood again.

Her daughter, Kunjaatta, from her first marriage currently lives with Manoj, his new wife and their kids and maybe the pitter patter of little feet is just the thing the talented actress needs now.

“My life is completely stress free and I’m happy now. Life with Manoj was hard and the divorce took a lot out of me. These are good days now,” says Urvashi.
It was she who announced her second marriage to the world through a magazine interview, albeit after concealing it for a few months. Shivaprasad had been a friend of the family for a long time.

Throughout the years of her first unhappy marriage and especially during the divorce proceedings the actress had been the subject of much controversy and allegations including her supposed battle with alcoholism which was brought to the media attention a few times.

Urvashi, who made her name as a talented dramatic actress with a gift for comedic timing, in the southern film industries took a step back in the late nineties as a leading lady only to return years later playing more mature roles.

Whatever, the truth behind the baby rumours be, she had promised that she would continue acting. So, as fans of the yesteryear Mollywood sweetheart, we wonder what would the energetic and enterprising star be like as a mother in her late forties – which is not that unheard of these days.

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