Actress sleeping on the streets – Parents Kicked her from house

Actress Alisa Khan is the latest model in the news. The Delhi-based model cum actress who is busy with her assignments was found on streets after her family members abandoned her. The issue had arisen when Alisha Khan’s former boyfriend leaked her MMS online. She has filed a complaint on her boyfriend for the same reason, but the actress family is opposing this decision and left the actress on streets. The actress said that she was in a very bad situation, and people had offered money to her to sleep.

Alisa Khan Living on Streets
Alisa Khan Living on Streets

Small time actress Alisa Khan, who will be next seen opposite Emraan Hashmi in ‘Aaina’, was seen sleeping on the streets of Delhi after she was kicked out of her own house.

The entire issue has been reported by the media, and several social media users made some nasty comments on the actress which did not go well with her. She also made it clear that she can’t beg money from others but earns her own living.

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