Actress Shamita Shetty Abused in Road Rage Incident

Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty tasted a bitter incident on Tuesday when she is returning from shopping. Apparently, on Tuesday, at 1.30 in the afternoon, she is said to have finished the shooting at Thane, Viviyana shopping mall and came out along with her car driver. While they are returning, a motorbike with 3 people hit her car.

Shamitha Shetty Abused
Shamitha Shetty Abused

She has apparently yelled at them which irked them. The three have immediately started fighting with her and instantly attacked her car driver as well. They abused her severely that she could not resist.

She approached the cops and filed a complaint against the three people. Her driver also briefed the cops about the attack and registered a case. The cops started their investigation and found the bike. They are now looking out for the three people.

Shamitha Shetty was last seen in Telugu in 2003 released film Pilisthe Palukutha.

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