Actress Sexually Abused By Tamil Director

There are several atrocities being reported on women in the current times. Every nook and corner there is something wrong happening which in turn is a major disappointment for the country. Especially, these kinds of acts have become very much popular in the TV industry. The latest is another TV actress being a victim and her name is Athira Santhosh.

Heroine Assaulted By a director
Heroine Assaulted By a director

Athira Santhosh aka Athithi, who debuted through Malayalam serials, attempts suicide and is admitted to the hospital. The dancer cum actress is reported to be sexually abused by a Tamil director. The actress had to make her debut into films with Selva Kannan directorial Nedunalvadai.

Going more into the details, it is reported that she had some aching experiences in the location and the director had abused her both mentally and sexually, and it led her to attempt suicide. The director had also gone to an extent of threatening to kill her if she reveals about it to anyone.

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