Actress Sanghavi’s Comeback

Kannada actress Sanghavi, who acted in close to 80 feature films in all the South Indian languages, is all set to make her comeback to the silver screen.

Actress Sanghavi Second Innings
Actress Sanghavi Second Innings

Sanghavi was hailed as one of the popular heroines until 2005. With film offers dried up, she went missing from limelight post-2005. Not long ago, she married Bangalore businessman named Venkatesh. With permission from husband, Sanghavi is now starting her second innings.

Even though she is not being offered lead heroine roles, Sanghavi said that she is getting offers to play key roles in films. Sanghavi has already signed 2 Tamil films titled ‘Kollanji’ and ‘MoodarKoodam’. She is hopeful that the films will bring her glory and make her an in-demand character actress like Ramya Krishnan and few others.

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