Actress Roma Asrani makes a comeback

Actress Roma Asrani is one of those starlets who made quite an impression on the viewers in a short period of time but just didn’t rise to the top quickly enough. And we all know that means a lot in an industry with a short attention span – career starts to fizzle. But by design or accident, she has stayed away from the movie world for some time now as an actor, and engaged herself with other talents.


She has been, during her hiatus, busy with a variety of dance programmes here and abroad, but now the charming and bubbly Roma is making a comeback! She is to star in director Bijoy’s next flick Namasthe Bali.

The flick, from what we’ve heard so far, is a female centric one – a perfect comeback vehicle and the latest trend in Mollywood – and will be a comedy.

The humour aspect in a movie with a female lead hasn’t been explored all that much in recent years, perhaps due to the scarcity of talented female comedic actors who can carry a movie. Can Roma do it? We’ll have to wait and see to judge that for ourselves. Roma has tackled comedy (to an extent at least) before in movies like Chocolate and others.

The film also stars Aju Varghese in a pivotal role and will be partly shot in Bali. The launch is expected to be on June 25 in Ernakulam.

The vivacious young diva must hope to make her return in the same form as she made her entry years ago in Notebook. We wish her all the best for this one..

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