Actress Riya Sen asked a waiter for ‘s*x’ at a restaurant

Riya Sen has always been one of the boldest actresses in Bollywood. She had played Sheena Bohra and the young Indrani Mukherjee in Dark Chocolate the steamy bilingual based on the controversial murder case.

Riya Sen
Riya Sen

Moon Moon Sen’s younger daughter recently shot for a short film which revolves around a woman, her lesbian lover and an unanswered murder mystery. In an interview, Riya said that she is sexy enough for even women to make passes at her.

But sometimes, it is Riya who is the one initiating the conversation. Intrigued? But it so happened, that Riya was out at a popular eatery in Andheri. Riya Sen placed a surprising order to a waiter at the hotel.

Even more surprising is that, she revealed the incident. She said that she went to a famous restaurant in Andheri, Mumbai along with her friends recently. The waiter asked..”What would you like to have madam?”.. Ria stunned him by asking.. “Could I have some s*x please?”.

No waiter in this whole world expects such an order from a beauty. So.. It is obvious that he was shell shocked. Ria’s friends were also stunned at Ria’s behaviour. Ria said to have taken back her words and she placed some real order later. Thankfully, the waiter did not laugh out loud but Riya did.

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